Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located? Ace is located at 74 East 30th Street, Paterson NJ 07514, just off of Route 20. For directions, Please call 973.684.5945

Do you deliver? Yes! We have a delivery staff that covers all of Greater Northern and Central New Jersey. In addition, we can provide Courier services to just about anywhere!

Can you ship? We ship with Federal Express, and UPS as well as a courier service on call.

What is your standard turnaround? Our standard turnaround time for most short run jobs is 48 hours. Please contact one of our specialists in advance for larger orders and projects that have special time constraints.

What hours are you open? Ace is open Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm.

Do you work nights/weekends? Please call to make special arrangements for time-constrained projects; subject to overtime charges and availability.


What Resolution Should I use? It’s all relative. The more you are enlarging an image, the more resolution is required. Simply figure the percentage of enlargement and multiply by “.75”. This will give you the necessary ppi with which to scan. For example, a 4″x6″ image enlarging to 24″x36″ is an enlargement of 600%. (600 x .75 = 450ppi).

Can I email my file to Ace? Color Graphics files should be sent to color@acereprographics.com; Architectural Drawing files should be sent to plotting@acereprographics.com; Spec Manual files should be sent to specs@acereprographics.com. Larger files may be uploaded via Ace’s convenient ftp site.

How do I ftp files to Ace? ACE FTP WEB Upload

  1. Browse to www.acereprographic.com
  2. In the upper right hand corner go to “FTP Submit Job
  3. Return user: login in with username and password; New users, click on “Not a Member? Click Here”…
  4. Fill in the 6 fields, creating a user profile, including a username (your email address) and password, which should be saved for future login.
  5. Next screen is “File Upload”…fill in PO, description and instructions fields…under “select department” choose from “color, plotting or specs”.
  6. Submit Upload… * A confirming email is then sent to the receiving department with all the entered information.

How do I setup a spot-white file for printing on non-white material? Spot white is best setup as a vector-based image on its own layer, with as few paths as possible…if you’re unsure in any way give us a call…we’re here to help!

Do you provide design services? We do! If you are unable to provide digital files for printing, Ace can work with you to provide typesetting, scanning, layout and design.

What applications/file formats do you accept? Ace accepts most major design software for both Mac and PC platforms, including Quark Xpress, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat, as well as MS Word, Power Point and Excel. We also accept the following printer file types: TIFF, JPEG, EPS, & PDF.

Can I setup my file at half or quarter size? Absolutely, as long as the image will scale correctly to your desired print size and you properly consider the resolution necessary to enlarge raster-based images. This is useful especially when designing in an application with a pasteboard maximum which is smaller than the final output size.

Should my files be RGB or CMYK? Ace’s full color printing devices, both large and small format are CMYK. All artwork should be color converted to CMYK prior to printing, including RGB images and PMS colors. If color matching is critical, please provide a match print, or request a cross section proof prior to production. Call Ace to ask for color bridge conversions of PMS colors to our various output devices.

What do I need to include with my file? Ideally it’s best to include a small color version of your files. All output devices vary; we need to know what you expect in order to correctly provide it. Your digital artwork folder should include the document layout, images folder, all fonts used in the document including any that are embedded in artwork, and a reference pdf.

What about sending pdf’s for print? PDF’s are a great convenience for the graphics industry, but there are many options. All pdf’s for printing should be “print optimized” when saved, compressions turned off, resolution kept, and saved with crops and bleed.

Can I get a proof before we go to print? Proofing is an important part of the printing process and is strongly recommended…we can provide an electronic pdf proof for review, and if color and print quality are critical, we will provide a 2sf cross-section or reduced sized print on the actual material requested for $25.00…Please note that foregoing the proofing process waives Ace’s responsibility for mistakes and reprints.


How large can you print? Ace’s high resolution indoor wide format color printers can image up to 59” wide (printing on a 60” roll); our outdoor equipment supports 64” media, allowing up to a 62” imaging area.

How good is the resolution of your printers? Ace maintains state-of-the-art wide-format printing equipment, 1200dpi indoor, 720dpi outdoor, 8-color with medium and light range CMYK inks for smoother blends and better flesh tone.

Can you match my PMS colors? Ace is predominantly a CMYK output house. While there are color bridges between PMS and CMYK, no color conversions are completely accurate, but we come very close to your supplied color sample, so be sure to supply one. Remember, it’s not possible to match something we don’t have!

What are my choices of print media? Ace offers a wide range of materials, including gloss and matte presentation, indoor and outdoor vinyl and adhesive-backed vinyl, canvas, backlit and opaque films, a variety of fabrics and uv resistant papers. Ask about specialty media such as transit vinyl, Window-Vision, clear and opaque cling film for indoor and outdoor usage.

Can my print be light resistant and water resistant? We print with UV and Solvent inks on many materials: vinyl, cast and calendared vinyl, cling and canvas; most are water-resistant, all are light resistant. An Ace specialist can help you decide which materials are best suited for your application.


How large can you print? We have the ability to tile and section graphics so there is no official limit on size. Wall mural and billboards are installed in sections to create a smooth composed view from a short distance. Vehicles are typically wrapped section by section for a near seamless appearance.

How long will my banners last? Ace offers short-term banners for unlimited indoor, and 2-3 month outdoor use. We also offer more durable long-term outdoor banners with a protective overlam which can last up to two years outdoors, dependent upon weather and proper, professional installation.

Do you make fabric prints? We certainly do! Color graphic prints are available on poplin, poly duck, Dacron, silk, suede and many other materials. Tiling is available as well for oversized prints, perfect for table-skirts and throws.

What type of finishing can I get on my vinyl and fabric prints? Hemming, edging, grommeting, pole-pocketing, hot-knife finishing, doweling, and finishing bars are all available as Ace in-house services.

Do you wrap vehicles with color graphics?Why pay for advertising space when you already own your own moving billboard? Ace can provide an illustrator template of the vehicle you wish to wrap in color graphics, or even provide a wrap-design specialist to work with you. We design, print, overlam and install on your vehicle, complete with a pre-inspection and Ace’s expertise to guide you. Visit http://www.autochameleon.com

Do you produce vinyl lettering? Custom cut vinyl lettering in an almost limitless supply of colors, custom shape cutting, excess weeding, pre-masking and multi-color merging for easy installation. We also provide on-site installation, at your place or ours!

How can we create a wall mural? Take your idea and we’ll cover an entire wall with it…we start with a site inspection, design, tiling, print production and laminating, then installation; just tell us what you are looking to create…

Can you install my graphics? Ace has teams of on-site installers for wall murals, vehicle graphics, vinyl lettering, window signage, banner installation, frame-hanging, etc. Be sure to call in advance to book time!


What are the size limitations for mounting and laminating? While most substrates like FoamBoard are limited to 48”x96”, Ace can mount up to 60”x120” on GatorBoard, in thicknesses of 3/16” and 1/2”. Many laminates are available in widths of 60”.

What’s the difference between FoamBoard and GatorBoard? While FoamBoard is the most cost-effective way to mount your prints and is light to carry, it is not the most durable. GatorBoard looks just like FoamBoard except it is rigid, more durable, and is ideal for mounting oversized prints, because unlike FoamBoard, it won’t bow. Of course, GatorBoard costs a bit extra!

What are my substrate color and material options? FoamBoard, Gatorboard, Illustration Board, Coroplast, Magnetic Sheeting, Plexiglas, Sintra (PVC Foam), most materials available in black and white, each in varying thicknesses.

What laminating finishes are available? Available laminations are Gloss, Luster, Matte and Crystal Matte; all with UV resistant protection.

Can you produce a dry-erasable board from my print? Yes! Ace can laminate your print with dry-erasable (gloss only) laminate, which allows write & wipe with a dry-erase marker. Mounting to Gatorboard for rigidity is recommended.

Can you mount my print with a border? This is often referred to as “Island” or “Spot” mounting. We will laminate and trim your print, then mount to black board with a 1” or 2” black border all around, leaving a framed effect. This is a preferred method by architects for presentation.

Can you do custom shape-cutting? Yes we can! whether you have lettering vinyl, a mounted graphic, or custom substrate, all we need is a vector dueling and we can cut almost anything to shape. It is always best to consult an Ace specialist prior to printing regarding limitations on any custom projects!


What is the difference between digital and commercial printing? Digital printing is a plate-free printing process which allows a brand new image with every turn of the impression cylinder. Its key benefit is the ability to cost-effectively produce short-run full-color jobs and runs with variable data and variable imaging. Commercial printing is more suitable for larger runs where the creative’s do not change in short quantity.

What is the imaging limitation of the Ace’s Digital Press? For the most common paper stocks our sheet size is 13″x19″, leaving and imaging area of 12″x18″ with full bleed. For many less common stocks, the maximum sheet size is 12″x18″ with a max imaging area of 11″x17″.

What are my paper options? Gloss, Matte, Coated, Uncoated, Text and Cover, Linens, Labels and many specialty items from 70# Text to 130# Cover. Ace uses only FSC certified stock for all our Digital press media.

What are my finishing and binding options? Ace offers – Folding, Creasing, Collating, Saddle-Stitching, 3-Hole Punching, ACCO, GBC Comb-Binding, Wire-O, Unicoil, VeloBinding, Stapling, Padding, Trimming, and Perfect Binding.

What type of files do I need to provide for digital printing? It’s best for to supply Ace with a high resolution pdf with crops and bleed.

What is variable data and variable imaging? Variable data is simply a print run where the copy changes on each impression within designated fields of the artwork; variable imaging is the same concept with images. Only digital printing makes this possible.

What do I need to supply to produce a variable data job? A basic document template with a designated field for the variable component(s) along with an Excel database with the varying copy.

What are the paper options for color laser copying? 28# Laserprint is best for color copying, especially for 2-sided printing. Gloss text and cover are also available up to 11×17 with a full bleed.

Can I provide hard copy or do I need a digital file? Both are acceptable. Ace can copy individual hard documents on the flatbed, run entire booklets through a document handler and print collated sets, or print right from a digital file.


What types of framing do you provide? Ace offers many types of framing, from TRIM-Frame Edge-Capping, to retail displays which are wall-mountable, free-standing or ceiling-hanging, to modular display systems, to custom wood and metal framing with glass and plexi, all available in a multitude of colors.

What type of display items do you offer? Pop-Up Mural Displays, Retractable Displays, Modular Displays, Light Boxes, Telescoping and Skybox Displays, Golf & Lawn Signage and many others. You can access our complete line on our Trade Show Page.
How do I setup my artwork for pop-up and retractable displays? Templates are available for all displays offered by Ace. Call an Ace specialist for details.


Can you scan from a 35mm slide? We can scan from a 35mm slide up to 600ppi @ 400%.
We have a large mounted print.

Can you make copies of this? In fact we can. Our wide format scanners can scan a mounted piece of artwork up to 1/2” thick (assuming the board is flat and even, and not covered in spray mount adhesive).

Have Questions? Call 1-888-245-6328 to speak with a live person.

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